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Stop Bark? Just Use PETIC! PETIC Anti Bark Collar is based on advanced Progressive Learning(PL) technology to ensure the effectiveness of the device by helping your pet step-by-step achieve desired results. This anti-bark control collar is a safe and humane way to stop your dog barking! Features: Humane, Dog-Friendly Bark Stop Technology Progressive Learning Adjustable Sensitivity Levels Reflective How does it work? Smart Stop Barking Dog Collar applies progressive sound and vibration stimulation when it is triggered by dog's barking. Technology will help your dog to learn how to stop barking progressively! Level 1 - Sound Stimulation Level 2 - Increased Sound Stimulation Level 3 - Increased Sound & vibration Stimulation Level 4-7 Intense Increasing Sound & Vibration Stimulation The anti-bark device will reset to default level automatically when dog barking stops for 30 seconds. Total barking correction learning time is 1min. If it continues to bark after accomplished all levels, bark


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September 12th 2020 in Pets


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