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Grow delicious & juicy tomatoes all season long (up to 30 lbs of tomatoes with normal care, feeding and sunlight). Hang in direct sunlight, on deck, balcony or patio. No bending, caging, staking or weeding. Grows all varieties of tomatoes, including beefsteak, yellow and cherry! Also grows other vegetables including green bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant and more! New watering system helps distribute water over a longer period of time. Based on our results from testing, we have concluded that tomato plants using the new watering systems have grown significantly larger. The Topsy Turvy Upside Planter is simple to set up and maintain: swivel top for easy turning, uses ordinary potting soil, great for growing your own organic vegetables and durable materials to last for years. Uses gravity as a vertical growing advantage; Vertical grow bag heats the plant like a greenhouse so the root system explodes; Gravity pulls the water and nutrients directly to the roots. No box inc



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August 8th 2020 in Garden


8989 E Sweetwater Dr, Inverness, FL 34450, United States

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