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I have over 70 true AMERICAN BLUE AGAVE plants of all ages and sizes. They are all healthy and extremely beautiful plants. This is by far one of the most sought after of the agave species of cactus or giant succulents and thrive in the Houston weather. All they need is as much sunlight as possible and no need to water they get plenty with the rain alone. They have huge sharkskin blue petals with hollow red spines running down each one that glow in the sunlight. They are also some of the most costly and hard to find and the only nursery in Houston, CACTUSKING, only has about 6-8 plants in this variety and they are all 20 gallon prone year old plants abs they sell them for 175.00-275.00 based on how they look. All my plants are healthy from the pups or babies all the way to the 3-4 year old plants. I also will sell them at half the cost of any nursery in Texas. Pups - 10-20$ each. 3 month old - 40-70$ each. 1yr old - $125.00 each 1-2year - $200.00ea 2yr plus -$300.00ea



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November 25th 2020 in Garden


10002 Burgoyne Road, Houston, TX, USA

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