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Book- A Little Bit of Tarot by Cassandra Eason Decks- Rider Tarot and After Tarot Rider Tarot is the traditional tarot that most decks today are based on. This version has the blue plaid backs. The box is tatter and repaired for security. Cards are pristine. After Tarot is a unique take on the RWS in that it shows the creators interpretation of the scene that’s comes after the usual image on the cards. A great. Unique and thought provoking tool for forward thinking. There is also a similar Before Tarot that depicts the scene just before and would help in working thru past ideas. This set is great to learn for beginners or novices. You learn the traditional cards and then learn the unique twist of After Tarot. Plus a book to help you along!


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September 24th 2019 in Books


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