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Unused and great condition with slight wear on box from age. This is a first edition print of the 2002 OOP tarot from US Games. Not many copies still out in the world, so if you’re heavy into comics, snatch this up! It’s rad, trust me. Created and designed by comic book artist Frank Fradella. Based on the fictional world of CYBER AGE ADVENTURES, features the heroes and villains I from that universe. Very similar to old school Marvel. Even if you are. It familiar with the comics, still be used as a divination tool as it is based on Rider Waite Smith. Fradella also created the Undersea Tarot. He is founder of iHero Entertainment and creator of iHero Universe Comix. Set comes with slip cover, tarot deck, very thick and detailed guidebook plus a poster. Great for kids!! And super collectible.


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September 24th 2019 in Books


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