Feature Friday: Shark IQ Vacuum
With many families packed into their homes and eating more than usual, there is bound to be a bit more of a mess. That’s why you need

Top Sports That Are Being Played Right Now
As much as we miss our main sports like football and baseball, there are some sports being played around the world that can help you get

Safe Ways to Get Some Fresh Air
With social distancing the number one priority, it is extremely important that we refrain from the normal outdoor activities so that we can

Best Hobbies to Pick Up in Quarantine
With all of this time on your hands, there has never been a better time to pick up the hobby you never though you could do! Here are some

Celebrities to Help You Through the Quarantine
Although many of us are a bit jealous of celebrities who are in quarantine in lavish houses with giant backyards and pools, there are some

Feature Friday: Drones
Running out of stuff to do inside? Well we’ve got the perfect product for you! This seller is offering drones for just $50! This will

Best Card Games to Pass the Time
After watching most movies ever made and finishing three 2,ooo word puzzles, I’m sure many of us are looking for other ways to pass

Best Feel Good Stories This Week
There is so much negativity in the world right now with everything that is going on. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some good

Top Things We’ll Appreciate More After Quarantine
​A lot of things will change after quarantine, but many will stay the same. What will inevitably change is our attitude. Here are the things

Taghawk Tutorial: Tips for Optimal Shipping
If you’re looking to ship a package, make sure to understand what the best way to do it is! Here are some tips to help you out: Weigh

Feature Friday: Easy Bake Oven
If you are in quarantine with young children, I’m sure you are quickly running out of things to do. But don’t worry, Taghawk has

Best Spring Deals this April
Although we’re all stuck inside right now, Summer is right around the corner, so there is still a need to shop! There are several

How to Make Money While in Quarantine
Times are tough for many and it can be hard to make ends meet. But being in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Here

Best Twitter Follows for Covid Information
With fake news, mass hysteria, and a few too many jokes thrown around about the virus, Twitter can be a strange place to get your news. To

Taghawk Tutorial: How to Spot a Fake Listing
Although Taghawk’s verification process is stellar and there is no need to worry about fake products on the app, we want to make sure

Feature Friday: Table and Chair Set
With Summer on the horizon, there will be lots of time spent outside with family and friends. But without a nice porch, there’s a lot

Top Deals for Online Delivery This Week
With restaurants across the world closing, online food delivery is the way to go. These companies are making it worth your while to stay at

Best TV Shows to Bing While You’re Inside
Best Docu-Series: Tiger King This brings you on an absolutely wild ride as it follows several exotic animal owners with decade-long feuds.

Best Barguments to Have in Your Home
With nothing to do but hang around the house, I’m sure many people have cracked open a beer or two in hopes of replicating the feeling

Taghawk Tutorial: Reminder to Clean Your Products
With all this time inside, I’m sure many people have taken the opportunity to clean out some old drawers, closets, and maybe even

Feature Friday: Brand New T-Fal Cookware
With all this time spent at home and lots of restaurants closing, I have been cooking a lot as I’m sure many of you have. And

How You Can Help Out During Covid
Making Masks Hospitals are facing a shortage of face masks due to the surplus of usage, many people are helping them out by sewing masks

The Importance of Non-Contact Delivery
As many states have been under shutdown for a few days now, I’m sure most of the supply from that initial “stock up” trip

Best Movies Streaming Right Now
Netflix The Other Guys If you’re looking to laugh, then look no further than the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg hit, The Other Guys.

Taghawk Tutorial: Tags to Create in Your Community
With almost all college students being sent home, there are quite a few users that are far away from their tags. And while in Boston, my

Feature Friday: Arm & Hammer Set
This seller is hooking you up with an incredible bundle of products that you’ll need to keep your place clean, germ-free, and smelling

Best Apps to Occupy Yourself
Although the next few weeks will be great for spending time with family inside your home, inevitably that will get a bit old. And then we

Top Taghawk Products to Combat Coronavirus
With so many stores being closed and people being forced to stay inside, there is no better time to use Taghawk than now! So head to the app

Best Activities to Do in Your Home This Week
Just because we’re all stuck inside, doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun doing it. So here are the best activities to do

How to Win a Free Starbucks Gift Card
Are you in the Boston area and looking to sell some products? Well we have an awesome deal for you! If you join a tag within the area and

How to Use Marketplace for Business
If you scroll through the Taghawk feed, you will see plenty of people selling anything from baked goods to custom pillows! These Taghawk

Feature Friday: Quesadilla Baker
While you’re stuck inside making your own food, you can make some quesadillas with this featured product! Available for shipping, this

Daylight Savings Time Fun Facts
It was originally sort of a joke That’s right! Long before the plan was ever adopted, Benjamin Franklin wrote a satirical essay in

Featured Tag Shoutout: UMass Amherst
Here at Taghawk, we like to appreciate all that you guys do as buyers and sellers that make our app run! Without the effort by the users do

Taghawk Tutorial: Examples of Perfect Posts
While all of our sellers and products are awesome, there is always room for improvement when it comes to posts. Here are some great posts to

Feature Friday
As the Summer approaches, there will be lots of opportunities for S’mores, but it’s not always easy to get these tasty snacks.

Marketplace Pros and Cons
Here at Taghawk, we think our marketplace is top-notch, but even the best industries have faults. Here are the pros and cons of marketplace:

Best Online Shopping Deals This March
Spring shopping is already here and we all know you’re still recovering from holiday shopping! So here are some deals to help ease the

How to Trim Those Unwanted Subscriptions
How many times have you signed up for a membership or subscription and completely forgot you had done so? I’ll bet that the answer is

Taghawk Tutorial: Refer a Friend
If you’re looking to get reward points, look no further than the “Refer a Friend” feature! If you can refer a friend and

Feature Friday: PS4 Pro
If you’re looking to improve your gaming experience look no further than Taghawk! This seller is listing his PS4 Pro with games

Hottest Products to Sell in 2020
Sometimes the toughest part about entering the marketplace community is feeling like you have nothing to sell. Well, here are a few ideas

Valentine’s Day Re-Gifting Etiquette
Valentine’s Day has come and gone and with many gifts given between loved ones, there are bound to be some bad ones. Although it is

Best Leap Day Deals
Every four years, we get an extra day to enjoy the year! But it’s also another day that we have to spend money. Take a look at these

Taghawk Tutorial: Optimizing Your Experience
Taghawk’s app has a great interface that allows you to navigate through products easily and efficiently, but there are a couple

Feature Friday: Coach Men’s Trifold Wallet
Taghawk has high fashion too! This wonderfully classy trifold wallet is perfect for all men looking to keep their cards and money tidy. From

Advantages of a Community-Based Marketplace
Taghawk is built on creating communities in which you can buy and sell products easily within a group of like-minded individuals. Being in a

Buyer Beware! A Story of Marketplace Theft and How to Avoid It
Just a week before I started at Taghawk, my friend was looking for a pair of AirPods to replace his old pair. He went to the Apple Store and

3 Most Intriguing Startups of 2020
There are so many startups constantly being created and getting funding, so it can be hard to keep track of all the ones that are cool and

Best Deals for Student to Save Money
Being a broke college student is never easy, but these companies are here to help you out! Look through these sites to try and save money

Feature Friday: Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds
This week’s product is an awesome one! These headphones, designed specifically for sleep, are pre-loaded with soothing noises that

Why WikiBuy Should be Your Go-To Extension
There are so many sites and extensions that promise you that they are giving you the best deal. It can be so hard to know which is truly the

Tips for Picking the Perfect Product to Sell
Selling products on Taghawk is easy as can be, but in order to most efficiently get products sold, you’ll have to pick the right ones!

Taghawk’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Shopping
February 14th seems to always come quicker than you’d expect and that means procrastinating getting gifts for that special someone.

Taghawk Tutorial: Marketplace Chat Etiquette
Be Responsive There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to buy or sell a product and the person you are trying to negotiate with is

Feature Friday: Single Serve Coffee Maker
This Feature Friday gives us a product that is perfect for a kitchen anywhere! If you love using K-Cups, but enjoy the occasional ground

Perks of Using the Apple Card
With the insane amount of credit cards that are out there today, it can be hard to decipher which is best for you. But for Apple users, the

Why ID Verification is so Crucial to Marketplace
Marketplace makes buying and selling products easier than ever. With increased accessibility, we can get products cheaper and sell products

Taghawk Tutorial: How to Create a Tag on Taghawk
You may have wondered how Taghawk got its name. Well, the “tag” in Taghawk is for small communities of buyers and sellers that

Ad Awards from Super Bowl LIV
From the Oscars to the Grammys, its Awards season and Taghawk is joining in on the fun by giving out some Super Bowl ad awards! And the

Feature Friday: Joker Nike Sneakers
This Feature Friday is a wild take on some classic sneakers. With this insanely cool design, seller Carnell Jefferies can hook you up with

Managed Marketplaces Are the Next Big Thing
For years, marketplace has evolved into what it is now. From in-person garage sales to Facebook Marketplace, the industry has been growing

Best Budget Apps for Every Type of Saver
Taghawk can help you save on lots of products, but there are other apps to help you save in other ways! These apps will help you set your

3 Boston Startups That Give Back
TagHawk is celebrating some local startups that are giving back to their community. These companies realize that their philanthropic success

Taghawk Tutorial: How to Price Your Product
Taghawk gives you the chance to become a salesperson overnight, but with great power comes great responsibility! Along with taking pictures,

Feature Friday: Ray-Ban Wayfarers
This Friday, our featured product are these awesome sunglasses! Never before used and extremely fashionable, these Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a

5 Unique Apps to Get Deals
Ibotta: Ever leave the grocery store, look down at your receipt, and wish you’d spent just a little less? Well now you can! With

Marketplace: Expectations vs Reality
Marketplace apps are a wonderful way to join a community and find products you need that are close and affordable. But sometimes what you

How to Save Money with Honey
Coming back to work after the long weekend is always a tall task. The body aches, the mind wanders, and all of a sudden you find yourself

Taghawk Tutorial: How to Post a Product
The Taghawk app is extremely intuitive, but it never hurts to get a refresher on how to post a product! There are just a few steps, so if

Selling on Craigslist Is Usually a Disappointment!
Looking for a great experience on Craigslist is like looking for a great brunch experience at McDonalds. Now that’s not to say you can’t get

Cash only please. Warning!
Cash only? Everyone loves cash — it’s sort of the gift certificate to the world. Unfortunately there are quite a few stories