Feature Friday: Coach Men’s Trifold Wallet
Taghawk has high fashion too! This wonderfully classy trifold wallet is perfect for all men looking to keep their cards and money tidy. From

Advantages of a Community-Based Marketplace
Taghawk is built on creating communities in which you can buy and sell products easily within a group of like-minded individuals. Being in a

Buyer Beware! A Story of Marketplace Theft and How to Avoid It
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Feature Friday: Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds
This week’s product is an awesome one! These headphones, designed specifically for sleep, are pre-loaded with soothing noises that

Why WikiBuy Should be Your Go-To Extension
There are so many sites and extensions that promise you that they are giving you the best deal. It can be so hard to know which is truly the

Tips for Picking the Perfect Product to Sell
Selling products on Taghawk is easy as can be, but in order to most efficiently get products sold, you’ll have to pick the right ones!

Taghawk’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Shopping
February 14th seems to always come quicker than you’d expect and that means procrastinating getting gifts for that special someone.

Taghawk Tutorial: Marketplace Chat Etiquette
Be Responsive There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to buy or sell a product and the person you are trying to negotiate with is

Feature Friday: Single Serve Coffee Maker
This Feature Friday gives us a product that is perfect for a kitchen anywhere! If you love using K-Cups, but enjoy the occasional ground

Perks of Using the Apple Card
With the insane amount of credit cards that are out there today, it can be hard to decipher which is best for you. But for Apple users, the

Why ID Verification is so Crucial to Marketplace
Marketplace makes buying and selling products easier than ever. With increased accessibility, we can get products cheaper and sell products

Taghawk Tutorial: How to Create a Tag on Taghawk
You may have wondered how Taghawk got its name. Well, the “tag” in Taghawk is for small communities of buyers and sellers that

Ad Awards from Super Bowl LIV
From the Oscars to the Grammys, its Awards season and Taghawk is joining in on the fun by giving out some Super Bowl ad awards! And the

Feature Friday: Joker Nike Sneakers
This Feature Friday is a wild take on some classic sneakers. With this insanely cool design, seller Carnell Jefferies can hook you up with

Managed Marketplaces Are the Next Big Thing
For years, marketplace has evolved into what it is now. From in-person garage sales to Facebook Marketplace, the industry has been growing

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3 Boston Startups That Give Back
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Taghawk Tutorial: How to Price Your Product
Taghawk gives you the chance to become a salesperson overnight, but with great power comes great responsibility! Along with taking pictures,

Feature Friday: Ray-Ban Wayfarers
This Friday, our featured product are these awesome sunglasses! Never before used and extremely fashionable, these Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a

5 Unique Apps to Get Deals
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How to Save Money with Honey
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Selling on Craigslist Is Usually a Disappointment!
Looking for a great experience on Craigslist is like looking for a great brunch experience at McDonalds. Now that’s not to say you can’t get

Cash only please. Warning!
Cash only? Everyone loves cash — it’s sort of the gift certificate to the world. Unfortunately there are quite a few stories