Top Sports That Are Being Played Right Now

As much as we miss our main sports like football and baseball, there are some sports being played around the world that can help you get your competitive fix in! Here are a few of the best:

Horse Racing

The sport of kings is still going strong in Florida every weekend. Pick up the newspaper like the good ol’ days and see which horse you should throw your support behind. The races are short and run often so it is the perfect sport to pay as much, or as little, attention to as you like.


Although it is nothing like the real thing, most leagues from the NBA to the NHL are having their players face off in their sports’ video game. It is an entertaining way to interact with your favorite players and see how competitive they are, even off the field.

Chinese Baseball

China has begun their baseball season, without fans, as their country recovers from the pandemic. There is a lot of really great talent over there and as long as the MLB is suspended, it’s the only way to watch America’s Pastime. Find a stream, pick a side, and watch!