Safe Ways to Get Some Fresh Air

With social distancing the number one priority, it is extremely important that we refrain from the normal outdoor activities so that we can get out sooner! But it is still crucial that we get some fresh air, so here are some ways to safely get outside:

Hiking Trails

Although some parks are closed, hiking trails are open to the public and are typically not overcrowded. Look up your local hiking trails and make sure to only go with your quarantine buddies. Once you’re there, take in the nature and the fresh air and enjoy!


This is the sport with the absolute least contact and as long as there is a course open near you is a great way to get some fresh air. Make sure to only touch your ball and leave the pin in on the green. Also, walk rather than take a cart. With these rules, you’re getting a great and safe exercise outdoors!

Bike Rides

This is probably the number one safest way to get exercise and fresh air. Put your helmet on and just bike as far as you can. Set goals for yourself as far as how many miles you want to go and see if you can surpass them each day. You will be shocked how exhausted you are afterwards and won’t mind sitting on the couch the rest of the day!