Celebrities to Help You Through the Quarantine

Although many of us are a bit jealous of celebrities who are in quarantine in lavish houses with giant backyards and pools, there are some that are down to earth and give you a great outlet to get through these times:

John Mayer

Funny enough, John Mayer has been doing talk shows from home before it was cool. His show, Current Mood on Instagram Live, is a wonderfully blissful way to end your week as it airs every Sunday night. Through his episodes, he gives advice on how to stay happy during quarantine, sings for his fans, and brings on some high-profile guests!

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

America’s favorite couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are always good at social media, but with them being locked inside all day, the content just keeps rolling out. Whether it is a video of their adorable kids or the two of them singing and playing the piano, it is a fun way to live vicariously through them.

John Krasinski

Jim from The Office, John Krasinski, has taken it upon himself to spread some good news in the world. He has created a YouTube show called “Some Good News” where he reports all the feel-good stories from around the world. This is a great way to give us some positivity and there’s no better person to hear it from!

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

Another one of our favorite couples is Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. These young lovebirds are quarantined inside their fancy house, but are acting just as goofy as all of us. They often tweet out funny videos or go live on Instagram for all of our entertainment!