Top Things We’ll Appreciate More After Quarantine

‚ÄčA lot of things will change after quarantine, but many will stay the same. What will inevitably change is our attitude. Here are the things we’ll appreciate more after quarantine:

Crowded Bars

I can’t count how many times I have complained about not being able to move in a sweaty bar. But now that we can’t even have a calm drink at a local pub, I would give anything to be back in an over-capacity bar. College students sent home early and working adults alike would gladly trade in this quarantine for the most crowded bar they could find right now.

Watching Sports

I’m sure that most people did not know how integral a part of society sports truly are. Any small talk conversation with a friend or co-worker is significantly impacted by the lack of sports. Flipping through channels is just filled with meaningless replays of grainy sporting events. When sports finally return, we will never take them for granted again.

Going to the Movies

Although we’re still watching movies, the experience is not nearly the same. There’s nothing like experiencing a movie with a large group of people. And even though many of us can get annoyed with the loud laugh or the guy who gets up three times during a movie, the next time you see one of those people, I think we’ll all be glad to see them.