Taghawk Tutorial: Tips for Optimal Shipping

If you’re looking to ship a package, make sure to understand what the best way to do it is! Here are some tips to help you out:

Weigh Items Before Listing

Once you list the product, you should not go back on that price. So if it is a large product that you will have to pay a lot for shipping, then you will want to know that beforehand. This way, whatever your price is when it is listed will be accurate.

Buy Cheap or Free Packaging Materials

One way that shipping can get pretty expensive is when you have to go out and buy packages and envelopes. Instead of going to the store and buying one package just for that product, buy in bulk! You can get really cheap packaging from Amazon and it will have you covered for several more products to come!

Compare All Shipping Prices

There are so many different ways to ship whether it is USPS, Fedex, or UPS and all have different prices. Make sure to check all of their prices to know which has the best shipping based on location, weight, and more!

Never Overcharge

Finally, don’t overcharge for shipping. If you list a product for a certain price, it is only fair to keep it at that price. If you are selling a product you are already getting a profit, so make sure the buyer is getting a fair deal!