Best Twitter Follows for Covid Information

With fake news, mass hysteria, and a few too many jokes thrown around about the virus, Twitter can be a strange place to get your news. To help cut through this, here are some Twitter accounts that you can trust:


This is the account of a doctor who is treating patients with Coronavirus as we speak. He is able to share his own experience with the virus and those affected. This can help you understand how serious this issue is, as well as get some info on how to stop the spread.


This data researcher gives a more statistical look at the virus and its spread. With graphs and charts, Max gives the average person a look at what some of the top scientists are using to judge the trajectory of the illness. It gives everyone a great perspective on how serious it is.


There is a great deal of false information being spread around the internet, so it is extremely important to stay grounded. Timothy Caulfield attempts to debunk fake rumors and explain the truth behind the unknowns of the virus. This reality check is a must have for anyone on Twitter.