Taghawk Tutorial: Reminder to Clean Your Products

With all this time inside, I’m sure many people have taken the opportunity to clean out some old drawers, closets, and maybe even their attics. In doing this, there were probably many items found that, while you’re done with, would be perfect to sell on the app! This spring cleaning is great for Taghawk as we see so many cool and interesting products put on the site, but since they’ve been sitting around for so long, we do ask that you clean the dust off of them. Here is a list of potentially dusty items and how to clean them off:

Electronics: use a microfiber cloth, wipe down the product, and vacuum around any cords!

Soft Toys: put whatever plush items that you are selling into a large plastic bag and throw in a cup of baking soda. Zip it up and shake it!

Clothes: just throw them in the wash at high heat and dry them like normal!

Kitchen Supplies: similar to clothes, a simple run of the washer and dryer should do the trick!