How You Can Help Out During Covid

Making Masks

Hospitals are facing a shortage of face masks due to the surplus of usage, many people are helping them out by sewing masks themselves! With fabric they had at home, those who know how to sew are taking this problem into their own hands by making the masks and sending them to hospitals to keep up with the need. This is an awesome and easy way to help out during these tough times.

Delivering for a Local Business

If you’re sitting around the house and have some spare time, call up some of your local pizza joints or bars and see if they need any help with curbside pickup or delivery. As long as the company is practicing safe protocols, it is a healthy way to help out a small business in these trying times when they need it most!

Buying Essentials for At-Risk Community Members

If you have any neighbors who are elderly or have underlying conditions, this can be an especially tough time for them. Simple tasks like going to the grocery store is a threat to their health. So instead of putting them at risk, maybe send them a text or give them a call and see if they could use some help purchasing essentials. Have them send you their list and drop the products off at their door!