The Importance of Non-Contact Delivery

As many states have been under shutdown for a few days now, I’m sure most of the supply from that initial “stock up” trip to the grocery store is running low. It’s about time to re-stock, but with many grocery and retail stores closed, many people are forced to buy online. I know this makes many people uneasy as they do not know who is handling their food or products. But that is why it is important to know about non-contact shipping!

Non-contact shipping means that the person delivering your item wears gloves and leaves it at your door. This way there is never any contact with the item and you can feel safe! We encourage all Taghawk users to try this if you can so that you can continue shopping while staying safe! In order to comply, it is also best to use the payment system on the app or Venmo in order to avoid exchanging cash. If we all comply with these simple guidelines, everyone can stay as healthy as possible!