Best Apps to Occupy Yourself

Although the next few weeks will be great for spending time with family inside your home, inevitably that will get a bit old. And then we will all turn to our phones as usual! Here are some apps for when that happens:

Best App to Learn a New Skill: Duo Lingo

Why not make something good out of this horrible situation? Learn a language with the Duo Lingo app! It gives you intuitive lessons that can help anyone learn a new language, young or old! You may never have more time on your hands than you do now so why not learn a new skill?

Best Game to Play: Crossy Road

Sometimes you need something to take your mind off of all the madness. There is no better way to do that other than games. And there is no more mindless game than Crossy Road. The game that gives you a rush just from crossing the street! Download the app and have some fun today!

Best Trivia Game: Trivia Crack

Similar to learning a new language, now is a great time to learn some fun facts! Trivia Crack allows you to test your knowledge against opponents on subjects ranging from history to sports to science. No matter what your strength is, this game will allow you to prove your smarts and learn new facts.

Best App to Test Your Brain: Luminosity

In order to not go completely crazy, it’s important to keep your brain active. Luminosity is the perfect way to engage your brain with different kinds of puzzles and activities. It is designed to positively stimulate different aspects of your mind, which is so important while your stuck inside all day!