How to Use Marketplace for Business

If you scroll through the Taghawk feed, you will see plenty of people selling anything from baked goods to custom pillows! These Taghawk entrepreneurs are incredibly talented and are trying to start a small business on the app within their marketplace! Here are some tips for those sellers and any of you that are hoping to join them:

Keep your inventory low

Try as best you can to not make too many of your products. Obviously you have to make a few to ensure you have gotten the design right, but if you can keep the product count low, then there is no risk to your business. So make sure to take some pictures of your products, but keep the rest of the orders to need-based production!

Diversify your products

Although you may specialize in a certain product, that doesn’t mean that your production skills can’t apply to other products! Try your hand at some other closely-related items so that you appeal to a wider customer base. The more potential buyers, the more products you will sell!

Make your posts engaging

It can be hard to differentiate in a large feed, but it’s important to try your best to engage with your customers. Make your titles clear and your product descriptions illustrative. Also, try your best to be responsive with your messages and be transparent as possible. This will help give you the best possible reputation!