Marketplace Pros and Cons

Here at Taghawk, we think our marketplace is top-notch, but even the best industries have faults. Here are the pros and cons of marketplace:


Trust in Buyers and Sellers

In a marketplace like ours, we are a community. That means you are buying and selling to and from friends. The trust that this sort of community comes with is what separates marketplace from buying on Amazon or other retail sites. You know that the product you’re getting is fairly priced and you can even check it out in-person before you buy it.

Specificity of Products

Another pro of marketplace is that there are product specific to your community that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether that be a bedside table perfect for your dorm or a Little League uniform for your town team, having a forum to help your neighbors out is such a great advantage.


Breadth of Products

The biggest con of marketplace is that it will never have every product you are looking for. The feed is awesome to scroll through, but if you are looking for a certain item, it may be best to search through a retailers site if you can’t find it on the feed. Of course, the marketplace is made for the “treasure hunt” mentality, but there are times when you just want to grab a product and go.

Shipping Restrictions

The final con is that, sometimes, there are shipping restrictions based on the fact that sellers do not have a warehouse and ground shipping capabilities. As I said, a big pro is the ability to walk down to your neighbors house and check the product out yourself, but if there is a product on the general feed that is far away, it may be impossible to ship to you.