Hottest Products to Sell in 2020

Sometimes the toughest part about entering the marketplace community is feeling like you have nothing to sell. Well, here are a few ideas for you:

Wireless Charging Stations

This product is one that I feel like I’ve heard about for years and never truly came to fruition, but with Apple making them more and more accessible, the industry is booming. With tens of billions of dollars behind this industry, there is reason to believe that soon there will be no sockets in our phones, which is crazy to think about! But either way, it is a great industry to enter.

Wearable Devices

The normalization of wearing Apple Watches and Fitbits make the wearable device industry a great one to be a part of. It perfectly mixes fashion and technology to create a product that is utilitarian and represents status. If you can sell anything with a nice band and some high tech functionality, you should!

Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn’t love to wirelessly hook up to a speaker and play their favorite music for everyone to enjoy? Gone are the days of large amplifiers and long auxiliary cords. On the rise for a couple years now, bluetooth speakers are one of the hottest products that you can sell out of any market. And it’s not stopping as it is expected to grow 10% annually over the next year.


Drones have been around for quite some time, but haven’t fully caught on to a wide market. But with the high price point, it doesn’t matter! If you are looking to sell low volumes of a product, drones are perfect. If you want to be part of a multi-billion dollar industry, then the drone is industry is the one for you!