Valentine’s Day Re-Gifting Etiquette

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and with many gifts given between loved ones, there are bound to be some bad ones. Although it is the thought that counts, sometimes there’s just no use for a gift. And rather than throwing it out, you can re-gift it. But because re-gifting is a bit taboo, here are some etiquette tips to make sure your re-gift is in good taste.

Make sure that the gift is still fully usable.

First off, the gift has got to be fully intact and usable. If it is broken or expired, then that’s just rude to the newfound recipient! Keep the item in a safe place, check for all expiration dates, and don’t use the gift for yourself if you have any intention of re-gifting.

Check for any re-gifting evidence.

The last thing you want to do is give away the fact that this is a re-gift. So check the bag for any receipts, cards, or to see if your name is on it somewhere. You want the recipient of the gift to feel special, so while you shouldn’t lie, don’t go ahead and tell them where the gift came from originally.

Don’t re-gift an item that does not suit the recipient.

Think about why you are re-gifting. It is probably because you felt like the item just wasn’t for you. Well, don’t make someone else feel that way! Really try and give the gift to someone who you think would like it so that the re-gifting cycle ends.

Try to keep the re-gifting outside of your friend circle.

Going back to keeping the re-gift a secret, don’t give the gift to someone who knows the original gift giver. If you re-gift your new sweatshirt to a friend and she shows up to a party wearing it, you’re gonna get caught! So be careful who you re-gift to.

If the gift had sentimental value, keep it!

If your Grandma hand knitted you a sweater, maybe don’t re-gift it! Think about how long the person spent thinking of you and then making or buying the item. Sometimes a gift’s story is cooler than the gift itself, but that’s no reason to get rid of it.