Best Leap Day Deals

Every four years, we get an extra day to enjoy the year! But it’s also another day that we have to spend money. Take a look at these three sites giving out the best deals so Leap Day doesn’t set you back this year:


Popeyes and Postmates are teaming up so that you can enjoy your extra day of 2020! Order a chicken sandwich from the fast food chain this week and you’ll be sent a code for a free chicken sandwich on Leap Day. What a treat it’ll be to get a free sandwich on that extra day!


The athletic company is helping you stay active on February 29th by selling select products for just $29.99 with the code LEAP. So head over to the Reebok site and order your running shoes or apparel on Leap Day!

Bare Necessities

Maybe you want to take your extra day to just relax and be comfortable! In that case, Bare Necessities have you covered. The site has 29% off select styles and free 2-day shipping for orders over $70. Check out the site and take advantage of this deal today!