Taghawk Tutorial: Optimizing Your Experience

Taghawk’s app has a great interface that allows you to navigate through products easily and efficiently, but there are a couple features you may not know about! Here are the ways you can optimize your experience:

Advanced Search

By clicking the “Filter” icon above the product feed, you will be given a variety of options to choose from in order to refine your search so that the results are more relevant. First, you can set the location where you would like to have as your home. Then from there, you can set your preferred farthest distance that a product can be from you. Additionally, you can set a price range to make sure you stay within your budget! You can also select how recently you’d like the products to have been posted. You can even set your preferred condition of the products and a seller rating! All of these will help ensure that your feed is tailored to your needs

Saved Products

Under each product, there is a “Heart” icon. By clicking on the heart, you are saving that product for later. And if you go into your Profile and toggle to “Saved”, you can see all of these products. This is helpful if you are scrolling through the feed and see a product you like, but aren’t quite ready to buy. And then when you feel like you are ready to buy, you can head on over to your saved collection and make the purchase! It’s easy and noncommittal so start liking those products and keeping them in the back of your mind!