Advantages of a Community-Based Marketplace

Taghawk is built on creating communities in which you can buy and sell products easily within a group of like-minded individuals. Being in a Tag is a great experience that makes it so much more worth scrolling through the feed because of how relevant and realistic the products are. Here are some reasons why we built a marketplace around communities:


Everyone’s experienced the disappointment of loving a product, agreeing with the price, and then realizing that the seller is halfway across the country. And while shipping is sometimes an option, some products are just too big or difficult to ship and some sellers aren’t willing to do so anyways. That’s why being close to those that you are selling to is so helpful because you can just pop over and pick up your product. You can even check it out before you officially buy it! This confidence while looking through the feed makes Taghawk so special!

Similar Interests

There are so many local clubs, traditions, and sports teams that are unique to your community and this means that some products you just can’t find anywhere else. So whether that is a team uniform or a piece of furniture that’s perfect for a specific campus dorm, buying products within your community means that you have a greater chance of seeing relevant products. And this is what makes the Taghawk feeds so great!

Trust & Relationships

As is true with any community, there is a great sense of trust. Your neighbors are your friends and everyone is always willing to help out a friend in need. This means that you’re less likely to get price gouged and can always trust that the product is working like the seller says it is. You can also develop relationships with sellers who may have more products that you want!