Buyer Beware! A Story of Marketplace Theft and How to Avoid It

Just a week before I started at Taghawk, my friend was looking for a pair of AirPods to replace his old pair. He went to the Apple Store and oddly enough, they were sold out. So, knowing how big marketplace is getting, I told him to check out some of those. A few days later, he found a seller on Facebook Marketplace that was selling the pair he wanted at a bit of a discount. They met at a local coffee shop, exchanged cash for the product, and each went on their way. Well when my friend went home, he discovered that the product was a fake! He couldn’t believe it because the seller had even suggested he take a look at the headphones to see if they looked alright. My friend went to contact the seller but he was, of course, gone. After confirming with the Apple Store that they were fake, he tried to get in touch with Facebook. They were unable to help because the profile was gone. So at the end of the day, my friend ended up with fake AirPods and a loss of $200.

So where did he go wrong? Well, first off, a seller asking specifically for cash should always be a bit of a red flag. With cash transactions, even Taghawk, which has theft protection, cannot help. Second, he should have looked to Taghawk as the app has identification verification, so the seller could not simply delete his Facebook account like he did in my friend’s case. In the future, my friend will use Taghawk because he can use our payment platform and guarantee his money back if anything goes wrong!