3 Most Intriguing Startups of 2020

There are so many startups constantly being created and getting funding, so it can be hard to keep track of all the ones that are cool and apply to you. Well here are three really cool startups that can help you soon!


College students often don’t have a very reliable or strong line of credit, so getting credit cards can be difficult. Well, Petal is finding other ways to grant access to young people by looking at income and bank statements. There are no fees and offer great cash-back rewards. This is definitely an incredible option for all young people looking to get a credit card!


Living in the city and trying to stay fit can be tough. With crowded basketball gyms and soccer fields, many of us urbanites are restricted to our ellipticals which is never fun. Well Playeasy is looking to get us more active with its Opentable-style app that allows you to reserve playing spaces like basketball courts and hockey rinks. This is a very exciting app that will definitely keep athletes fit in the city!


Many young people know the pain of having to buy and sell apartment furniture constantly because they are always moving. Here in Boston, Allston Christmas rolls around each year and we see wasted couches and tables that were bought just a year or two ago. But Feather is trying to change the industry. This extremely flexible subscription service allows you to pay monthly for the furniture you are using and switch whenever! With easy delivery and incredible selection, Feather is a special startup that is available in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County.