Why WikiBuy Should be Your Go-To Extension

There are so many sites and extensions that promise you that they are giving you the best deal. It can be so hard to know which is truly the best. Well with WikiBuy from Capital One, you will know exactly which deal is best!

WikiBuy will scan all coupons that exist on the internet, whether some locally or internationally has used them. Quite similar to Honey, it aggregates them all to find the best one. It will then apply them to your checkout to see if any can be applied to your order. WikiBuy works with thousands of retailers, meaning you will never miss a deal.

But the difference between WikiBuy and Honey is that the extension will give you a credit for your purchase from certain retailers if there are not any available coupons for the particular retailer you are shopping at. These credits go towards your credit balance, which you can redeem for gift cards at major chains, like Walmart or eBay.

And now you can download the app so you can save whether you are on your mobile device or desktop! WikiBuy will be making sure you are getting the best deals no matter what!