Tips for Picking the Perfect Product to Sell

Selling products on Taghawk is easy as can be, but in order to most efficiently get products sold, you’ll have to pick the right ones! Here are some tips to ensure that your products will entice customers and get them to buy! Follow these steps and you’ll be selling in no time.

Make Sure You’re Willing to Part Ways

This one may seem obvious, but being positive that you are willing to part ways with a product is the biggest key to selling it. Even if it is subconsciously, wanting to hold on to a product can cause you to overprice it, be stubborn about shipping, or just the quality of the post. This can cause some friction in the selling process, keep you from ever selling the product, and making your money! So ask yourself whether you are willing to part ways with the product, and then get selling.

Check Demand

If you’re unsure what products to sell, then take a scroll through Taghawk! Look at what other sellers are posting and you’ll be sure to get some inspiration for what people are looking for. It’s also worth looking through some Reddit threads or Facebook marketplace posts to see if anyone is sending out an “ISO”, which means “In Search Of”. This can help you get an idea of what there is demand for out there.

Ensure It Is Easily Shipped

Now for when you have picked your product! The biggest pain point in marketplace and product selling is the ability, or sometimes inability, to easily ship your products. Although any product can be sold, some are extremely difficult to move whether it is being picked up or shipped. So if you have a product that is a bit too big to ship, make sure you list it as “Pick Up” and have a plan in place for the buyer to come get it from you!

Stick to New or Hardly Used Products

And finally, make sure that the product can be used and enjoyed by the buyer. Be honest with yourself about any problems with your product and then make sure you are transparent in your description about the product. It is so important that you are selling quality products because as a buyer, you want to know that that’s what you are getting! So be honest, be transparent, and make sure to list whether it is new or hardly used!