Taghawk Tutorial: Marketplace Chat Etiquette

Be Responsive

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to buy or sell a product and the person you are trying to negotiate with is not responding. Set your notifications so that you get an alert when you have received a message, so you can try and respond as quickly as possible! It is helpful to the person on the other end of the messages and will help you buy/sell products more efficiently!

Be Patient

That being said, try to understand that life gets in the way and that if someone isn’t responding, hopefully it just means that they are busy and will get back to you soon. Try and let them respond on their own time and although it is fine to send a quick text to make sure they have seen your message, don’t continue to bombard anyone buying or selling a product.

Be Kind

Going off of that theme, always be kind! Try and keep a positive attitude when dealing with people in the chat. Be generous and understanding when trying to plan on meeting spots or payment options. If you can be polite, it will definitely help in getting deals moving faster!

Be Honest

And finally, be as honest as you can be about your schedule, the product, and the listing price. If there is something that is not mentioned in the description that you feel like the buyer should know, then please tell them in order to make the buying experience as fair as possible! And conversely, if there is something as a buyer that you think that the seller should know such as ability to pay or meet for the product, then be upfront with them. Bottomline, be honest and transparent, and the experience will be a lot better!