Perks of Using the Apple Card

With the insane amount of credit cards that are out there today, it can be hard to decipher which is best for you. But for Apple users, the Apple card is a no-brainer. As falls in line with what the tech company does so well, the card is tied to your iPhone. This cycle of iPhone to MacBook to AirPods just keeps going as the Apple Card is yet another complementary product that Apple has made. But as is true of all the other products, it is undoubtedly easier to increase the size of your Apple bundle and get this card.


What can this card do for you? Well, a lot actually. Right off the bat, the card gets you 2% cash back on all purchases made through Apple Pay and 1% cash back on all purchases made with the physical Apple Titanium Card. These may seem like small percentages, but in reality, by using averages based on a four family household, you could get back over $1,100 in cash over a year by using Apple Pay. This cash can be used in any way from putting it back towards an Apple Pay purchase to transferring them to friends!

Privacy & Security

Another huge factor in picking which card to use is keeping your money and information secure. With Apple Pay, there’s no way to make a purchase without your fingerprint or face ID so no one could ever make a purchase for you. And if you don’t have the physical card, then there’s nothing to lose or have stolen! The added concern of data privacy with the information now being on your phone, but Goldman Sachs, the financial services firm that is in charge of handling your information guarantees not to sell your information for any purpose.

Titanium Card

There is also an option for a physical card that can be used at any establishment that does not accept Apple Pay. As I said before, you will get 1% cash back on all these purchases, so you can ensure you’ll never miss the opportunity to get cash back. It also takes privacy concerns into account as the card only has your name on the front and does not have a card number or verification code so no one can steal your information.