Why ID Verification is so Crucial to Marketplace

Marketplace makes buying and selling products easier than ever. With increased accessibility, we can get products cheaper and sell products we never thought we could get any money back for. But the problem comes when some people try and sell fake products or just simply take your money and run. With most marketplaces, there is nothing that you can do once that happens. But with Taghawk, we have a couple different ways to avoid this ever happening

Profile Verification

Taghawk users are encouraged to verify their account through our tiered verification process. When you sign up, you must verify an email, but our app looks to take it a step further. Users have the opportunity to verify their address, phone number, and even an official ID. This shows buyers that they can trust the seller and helps Taghawk scare away the threat of fraud.

Moneyback Guarantee

Taghawk offers a moneyback guarantee on all sales through our payment system (not including cash or Venmo). This is why it is important to use the payment system, if possible. This guarantee allows you to make purchases with ease! It is a very rare feature not offered by any other marketplace apps, so take advantage today!