Taghawk Tutorial: How to Create a Tag on Taghawk

You may have wondered how Taghawk got its name. Well, the “tag” in Taghawk is for small communities of buyers and sellers that are close in location and have similar interests. They are incredibly helpful as all of the products are sold near you, so no shipping is necessary! Also, certain communities are targeted enough that the products are exactly what you’re looking for! But like the rest of the app, tags are built on our users. So if you have a community of people that you think would love Taghawk, go to the app and create a tag today! Here’s how:

Go to the “Home” tab of the app


Toggle to “Tags” above the products

Click the “Plus” button

Fill out the information and submit

Make sure to take the time to write a stellar description and announcement to the group, as well as an accurate location. Also, there are two ways to pay for your tag. You can either pay $300 or use 4,000 reward points! By owning a tag, you earn 1% cash back on all products sold within your tag, so make sure that as many people join your tag as possible!