Ad Awards from Super Bowl LIV

From the Oscars to the Grammys, its Awards season and Taghawk is joining in on the fun by giving out some Super Bowl ad awards! And the winners are…

Biggest Laugh: Amazon

This hilarious take on “what people did before Alexa” was a super fun ride through history as cavemen and presidents alike were flustered without our artificially intelligent friend. It was so relatable and was extremely clever which kept us watching the entire spot with excitement. Not only did it make everyone at your party appreciate their Alexas, but it gave us the biggest laugh of the night!

Heartstring Puller: Google

On the other end of things, Google’s “Loretta” spot pulled at those heartstrings and maybe even got us to shed a few tears. With Google’s Remember feature, a man who’s wife had passed away was able to tell his Google Home to remember all the things he loves about his wife. Hearing his melancholy voice recount the memories of his wife was incredibly heartbreaking, but we loved every second of it. In a Super Bowl of mostly funny ads, Google brought us a sentimental one that we won’t soon forget.

Most Inspirational: Microsoft

Katie Sowers’ powerful line that football players “have been learning from women their whole lives” was an incredible ode to mothers, as well as the perfect answer to her doubters. She is both the first female coach and first openly gay coach in Super Bowl history. This minute-long spot from Microsoft highlighting Sowers and her incredible story while showing how she coaches using the Microsoft Surface. It was extremely inspirational and a great watch for an increasingly female football crowd.

Best Throwback: Jeep

Although Bryan Cranston’s “The Shining” commercial for Mountain Dew was super cool, Bill Murray reprising his role as Phil from “Groundhog Day” was something special. With the big game falling on February 2nd, Jeep was able to throw it back to this classic with several actors from the movie showing their face. And this time around, Bill was alright with living the day over and over again with his furry friend because of his new Jeep! Super funny and nostalgic for many viewers.

Biggest Eyeroll: Hyundai Sonata

Clearly looking to grab the appeal of the likely scenario in which the Patriots played in yet another Super Bowl, Hyundai decided to tailor their ad towards New England. But unfortunately for the car company, the Pats were bumped in the first round, leaving the rest of the country to hear some bad accents from Boston locals. Many before them have tried, and failed, to do the accent, but while the cameos from John Krasinski and Chris Evans were exciting to see, the Boston accent is one that no one should try and replicate.