Best Budget Apps for Every Type of Saver

Taghawk can help you save on lots of products, but there are other apps to help you save in other ways! These apps will help you set your budget in a multitude of ways. It can be hard to keep your finances in order, but with some help, you’ll be saving money in no time! Whether you’re saving for retirement, or keeping track of specific expenses, these apps have you covered.

For the Long Term Investor: Personal Capital

Keeping track of your daily spending while having an eye on the long term is an important, but difficult task that we all must handle. But Personal Capital can help you do it! With the ability to pair all of your accounts, in addition to IRAs, 401(k)’s, mortgages, and loans, you can have all of your investments in one place. Also, the app can give you portfolio breakdowns so you can get a different look at your investing.

For the Meticulous Investor: Mint

If you like to get into the nitty gritty of your personal budget and leave no stone unturned, then Mint is the best app for you! With automatic categorization, the app separates all of your purchases so you can keep track easily. You can also set budgets and get alerts when you are close to your spending limit. With a clean interface and a multitude of features, Mint is great for the meticulous investor.

For the Simple Investor: PocketGuard

Although it’s important to understand where you’re money is going, sometimes all you want to know is how much of it you can spend. With PocketGuard, you can link your account and the app does the rest. After it takes out all your bills, you can see what’s left. It’s convenient and to the point so if you’re looking to keep it simple, download the app!

For the Investing Couples: Zeta

Saving with a partner can get complicated. Avoid any unnecessary arguments about money with Zeta! With the app, you have 100% control of what you share so there’s never any miscommunication. In addition to that, the app has budget alerts and tasks that you can check off with your partner.

For the Lazy Investor: Albert

If you’re not quite sure where to start and don’t want to have the responsibility of being hands-on, then Albert is the app for you. Once you connect your accounts, the app will tell you how much you can save each month and deposits that into your account. With this, you’ll be saving money without even realizing it! So if you want to save money without having to worry too much, download the app!