Taghawk Tutorial: How to Price Your Product

Taghawk gives you the chance to become a salesperson overnight, but with great power comes great responsibility! Along with taking pictures, writing a description, and communicating with potential buyers, you must also set a reasonable price for your product. This can be a tough thing to do, but here are some tips to help you out:

Set Your Expectations

It’s your product and you know what you want to get for it, so understand what you’ll make when you sell the product. Taghawk has a feature right in the product description page where you can see how much you will make off the sale. With this number, you will know exactly how much you will take home after the service fee which will help you determine your price.

Research the Market

Whether you got it as a gift or bought it yourself, research what the product is listed for. Cross-reference a few sites to make sure that there isn’t a better deal out there. This way, potential buyers will be sure to come to you rather than buying elsewhere.

Scroll Through Taghawk

Your potential buyers will likely have scrolled past many other products on the app and have an idea of Taghawk’s price range. Make sure to look through some comparable products to get a good idea of how Taghawk users are pricing their products.

Be Active

If you list your product at a certain price, but no one bites, maybe you’re initial price is a bit too high! It can’t hurt to drop the price a bit and see if that helps get your product sold faster. And if that doesn’t help, maybe look to your photos or description to spruce up your listing.