Marketplace: Expectations vs Reality

Marketplace apps are a wonderful way to join a community and find products you need that are close and affordable. But sometimes what you expect is not what you find on Facebook Marketplace. Here are some of the most ridiculous, and hilarious, products you’ll find:

Expectation: Your brother’s birthday is on the horizon and you just spent all your money on Christmas gifts. This inconvenient birthdate forces you to turn to a quick, cheap option. You hop on Marketplace in hopes of a great gift!

Reality: But in reality, the first product you see is an overpriced 6oz of water, without the bottle! The seller makes it quite clear that it is purified water, but without the bottle to hold the water, I’m not quite sure how you could wrap this gift.

facebook market place bottle

Expectation: You feel the dead of Winter coming and lost your gloves so you login to Marketplace in hopes of finding some warm gloves for a reasonable price.

Reality: No gloves here, but you can have an early dinner with this partially eaten slice of pizza! For the affordable price of $1, you can have (almost) a whole slice of pizza.

facebook market place pizza

Expectation: After getting a new tablet over the holiday weekend, you realize that your arm is getting a bit tired from holding it while watching your Netflix shows. Marketplace will surely have a tablet stand!

Reality: Close, but no cigar! These couple hammers look like they do the trick, but for $30, there’s surely a better option. A for effort to this engineer though!

facebook market place tablet holder

There are so many hilarious products on Marketplace, but nonetheless, the community and effectiveness in the industry is at an all time high and Taghawk has some of the most affordable and relevant results out there!