How to Save Money with Honey

Coming back to work after the long weekend is always a tall task. The body aches, the mind wanders, and all of a sudden you find yourself surfing the web for some of the latest products. But the problem is, the big holiday sales are gone and your left to pay full price. But that’s where Honey enters. Honey is a website, app, and browser extension that gives you incredible deals every day! No more waiting around for holiday weekends or scouring the internet for an expired code. Honey has the best deals on the internet’s hottest products.

The app is one of the ways that Honey becomes your own personal shopping assistant. The intuitive experience allows you to shop by category and by store. It also highlights best sellers, bargain deals, and trending products. The feed on the Honey app is fun to browse and useful for finding new products. It should easily become a staple for any shopper who wants the best deal on their product, whether you’re shopping for something specific or just browsing.

But even more revolutionary than the app is the browser extension that crawls any shopping website for discount codes and sales. The extension has already saved their users over a billion dollars! It does this by aggregating all codes and finding the one that gets you the best deal. This way Honey does all the work, but you get all the savings! And even if there are no codes on the site, Honey will give you “Gold” that is redeemable at some of your favorite stores. Check the extension out here!