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Browse and Post products exclusively in your communities and transact with someone you know. Read more from here:

Open Market

Browse and Post products in the open market and react thousands of potential buyers and sellers from the public.

Benefits of Tags

Private Networks

It's easier, safer and faster to deal with someone you know in your trustworthy communities.

Convenient Delivery

Community usually represents proximity, which avoids the shipping hassle.

Stay Connected

Live chat with other community members and receive community news in real time.

Support Communities

You can donate a portion of your sales to support your community operations.

Open Market available

Shop or post products in the open market to reach thousands of people from the public for greater exposures

Filter various items by categories, price and more!

All purchases are under our buyer protections with cashless payments built in.

More Features You Will Love

Community Live Chat

Each Tag comes with a live group chat. Start chatting with other community members in real-time and receiving new announcements from the community admin.

Highlighting Items

Highlight your items at the top regardless of sorting and filters conditions.

Buyer Protections

Receive desired items before releasing the payments. Get what you want or your money back.

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Frequently asked questions

Tags are communities for buying and selling used items (e.g. apartments, universities or clubs) which are created by users for specific filtering purpose of locations or groups. You can buy and sell items and chat with other members in Tags. For public Tags, anyone can join directly. For private Tags, you need Password/Specific email domain/Other documents to join. To create your own Tags, click the blue + button on the Tags page. You earn 1% cash back on all products sold within your Tags!
Click the blue camera button at the bottom to post items. You will have the option to upload items to your Tags in the posting process. All tags you belong to are pre-selected by default. When you join a new Tag, all your previous listing items will be added automatically to the new tag.
Click the Cash Out button on the wallet page. For your first cash-out, you need to provide your bank account number and other supporting info. This is a one-time setup process. You’ll receive payment within 3-5 businesses days after submitting the cash-out request. We do NOT store or share your information.
Promotion is an optional paid service to highlight your products. A promoted item will be highlighted at the top of the homepage and product-specific category in a rotation pattern, regardless of the filter and sorting condition. Promoted items can get up to 10 times more visibility than other items. You also have the option to promote items in your Tags by adding Tags in the promoting process. You may purchase the promotion service on the item detail page or the popup window at the end of the posting process. Reward points can also be redeemed for the promotion service (instead of payment) in the gift center at the top left corner of homepage.
You can reserve items via Credit Card / Google Pay, etc. After you process the payment, the payment will be held temporarily until you confirm receipt of the item. Please click the “release” button on the chat page with the seller after the correct item is received. All transactions on our platform are covered by buyer protection. Other payment methods outside our App (cashapp, venmo, paypal, etc.) are not covered by our buyer protection.
Reward points can be redeemed for item promotion services or Tags creation. Reward points are earned by referring new users with your invitation code (found on your profile page). Each new referral signup with your code rewards 100 points to both of you. Reward points can also be earned from transactions on our App. Each dollar spent either buying or selling rewards one point to you
When a buyer reserves your item with a payment, we temporarily hold the payment until the reserved item is delivered. Please arrange the pickup/delivery/shipping with the buyer via chat. Please ask the buyer to click the “release” button on the chat page after the item has been delivered.
You can request a refund before releasing the payment. A refund is applicable either before the item is delivered, or the item is different from the description after the item is delivered. If the seller agrees to the refund request, you may need to send the item back to the seller. Please ask the seller to click the “release” button on the chat page after the correct item is returned to release your refund. If the seller rejects the refund request, you may open a dispute, and TagHawk will make a decision based on our refund policy.
The best & easiest way to buy and sell items is in your communities (Tags). Always pay via our payment system, which is covered by our buyer protection – get what you want or your money back. It’s risky to use other payment methods outside of TagHawk, such as Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, etc, which are not covered by our protection policy.\n Be extremely careful if others want to send you checks. For buyers, talk to the seller before placing the order. Arrange a proper time and location to pick up the item, and inspect the item before releasing the payment. For sellers, keep the photo of the item and the proof of delivery, and remind the buyer to release the payment after the item is delivered.
FedEx is currently the only shipping option in our app, which automatically sends a shipping label to the seller via email after the buyer reserves a shipping item. To use other shipping providers, ask the buyer to select “delivery” and generate the shipping label on your own.

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Browse and Post products exclusively in your communities and transact with someone you know